Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Upholstery ...U are Making a Comeback Baby..

     I have attempted my stab at it on and off since my early 20's..Long before there was Google and Blogs and YouTube to guide me through a brain fart. Was I good at it..Survey says ummm NO. The pieces were presentable from a distance at best.. had I taken pictures of said travesty I would have noooo problem sharing them with you but it was b4 the dawn of the digital age.
     Over the last year my interest had been renewed along with a slight improvement in my workmanship. (I will insert some pics at somepoint). I hit the Blogs. I found some great before and after' helped with inspiration but very few bloggers are actually breaking down their technique for anything harder than a dining chair redo.. I know what I need...I NEEDED A REAL TEACHER...Easier said than done.
      I am queen of researching..I am kinda known for it on an OCD LEVEL ..Its ok again embrace it..I commit to NOTHING without satisfactorily researching said topic to The HILT, this was no exception. I scoured the web..I called and visited a local upholstery shop close to where I work.. Sadly the was NOTHING to be found except going to NYC.. Paying close to $400 For a one day class and materials and travel for a one time 4hour class...Uhhhh I think NOT! Sigh.....
      Fast forward several months.I proceed with Furniture Re-Fab's but put all projects concerning upholstery to the backburner..actually I got soo disgusted that I started selling off pieces that I had aquired with the intent of re-upholestring.
      Most craiglist sales I have done have been awkwardly shady, i meet the buyer, they barely inspect the goods, slip me the dough and poof they are gone. They are not interested in the history of the piece, where i found it, the life it had before i rescued it..NADA..This particular sale was for a vintage chair n foot bench i began to strip but once it came to the broken caning i knew i was not in a position to replace it myself nor did i luv the chair that much to invest in paying someone to re-cane so up for sale it went..That is the day I met West Point Mama and with ina few weeks my fire for Upholstery was re-ignited.

As Always...

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