Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cheap Welt Cord Alternative

     In my previous post I mentioned about a welt cord alternative.   I am always trying to find ways to save some dough..usually its so I can qualify an indulgent purchase.. For everyday items I really like the no name dollar store. Ever notice how the chain dollar stores all have the same stuff.. no variation. The no name dollar stores and be a hunny hole..
     There is one particular Dollar Spot that I am partial to..I have lucked out there numerous times..sanding blocks that are $4 at box stores..leather bound journals from Barnes still with 30$ price tag( I bought every last one of them and give them as gifts). I recently got these synthetic round paint brushes that are FANTASTIC with chalk paint..

     2 Weeks ago while doing a return at another shop I figured let me just stop in and see what they had new..in their hardware section I came across this...

Hmmm 50 ft..that's a Lil over 16. Yards for a buck. The size looks just about right..I think will buy 2. I get home pull my stash of Hobby Lobby Welt Cord which is. 29 a yard Before 40 off coupon. Here is the comparison...

The top cord is the dollar store one..the bottom is Hobby Lobby..only a slight difference in circumference.  16 yards of Hobby Lobby with 40 off coupon with tax 2.64$ not to mention Hobby Lobby is 15 mins further so gas as well. Yes OK so it's let's say about a $3 savings but again...$ is $ anyway I can save makes me happy.
     There are no rules..the only limits are those you impose on yourself.

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