Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fabric Frenzy


     Am I the only person who both loves and hates picking Fabric? Its the A.D.D(self diagnosed of course). Here are just a few of my issues.. I am my own worse enemy, I am the devils advocate times 10. I play it safe and am a Neutral Nelly..I  get really excited when I see bold fabric choices on furniture re-do's.. the ability to commit to a statement piece. Can I do that..NOPE, I always blackout at the last minute.
     The the money monster will rear its ugly head as well pains me to spend $ on fabric..especially bc half of the time it goes to waste and end up not using it or I muff up my project due to a lack of prep work now end up ruining it.
     Ohh and then there is the fact that I will spend hours deliberating over my choices, whether it be in the store or online. In the cart, out of the cart ,back in the cart again. It's pretty bad. For example if Daughter and I are out bumming around and I know that I need to hit Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's I don't even mutter a word until just before I get to the plazas they are soon as I hit my blinker my poor kid shrieks "Awww C'Mon Mommm...Why!?!?!?" She knows the deal the poor thing..she is about to be subjected to my indecisive procrastination for the next 2 hours.
     The last few weeks I have accumulated enough upholstery fabric for 2 apartments worth of furniture.. I had 2 sources for my "Fabric Haul". One was an estate sale that I hit not only once but twice in 1 month (man that place was a honey hole, thats going to be another post for another day) and the other was WWW.FABRICGURU.COM. I have to say I am loving me some FabricGuru. I have ordered from them 2x, my second order was 4 different fabrics totaling 19.5 Yards..Guess What I Paid For It...Wait for it.. INCLUDING SHIPPING 42$. Say what!! I know what your thinking "yeah you might have paid $42 but I bet you have some dookie fabric on your hands"..Nawww Buddie they were all Robert Allen and Richloom and of course they fall within my "safely neutral mindset..I will post some pics this weekend...Oh and lets tawk about the shipping..those boys at FabricGuru DO NOT PLAY do you hear me, both times my orders arrived via UPS in record time..that makes mama a happy gal and a repeat customer.
     I am not going to buy any more....No really I am not..For the Rest of April 2012..Muahhahaahaaa

As Always


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