Friday, April 20, 2012

This is NO Glaze...

     Ohhh Man...I made a frigging mess of things,,,yet again..It wouldn't be of my projects if I didn't make more work for myself at some point... Glazing and I = NO BUENO.. I have tried you guys.. it doesn't work for me...I see other bloggers who do it with ease, but their pieces look fab mine on the other hand SMH there are no words.
     I have watched COUNTLESS videos READ tons of blog posts tried Several methods and I CANT GET IT RIGHT! I have used watered down paint..regarding wood stain..several glazing mediums colored wax ect and all I get is doodie colored paint that instead of looking aged just looks like a dirty hot mess. The only product I haven't tried is cult favorite Ralph Lauren Glaze and thats only bc Home Dump doesn't sell it any more news I'm too lazy to order it but why bother ...cause Glaze Don't Luv Me.
     So my latest crap job..well I got a vintage Whitney Double Bed Last weekend..i used Annie Sloan Chalk Painted In PURE WHITE. I saw this tutorial on the Martha Stewart website using a swedish method and I happen to have the Howards Citrus Wax and Feed and Minwax stain so I'm thinking that Yeah Buddie this is the one...did a coat of clear wax and then went to the glaze..yeah ok u know what I did i ended up turning my pure white bed in to a teabag! So now bc I muffed it up I had to sand down as much as I could..repaint and hustle because the bed is outside now it's going to rain 2morrow while I am at work. Chalk Paint costs too damn much to be making mistakes with it...I would show ya'll a pic of my teabag bed but I was soo busy cussing and sanding it taking a pic was an after thought.
       Glazing and I will never be friends..that's a shame because I can be a good friend.

As Always


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