Friday, April 20, 2012

Yard Sales..

     So this weekend me and G (my 14yr old) went bumming around after having a very stressful 2 Weeks. It's quasi therapeutic just driving around even if all the yard sales are dud's. I remember being younger than her being dragged around by my parents from place to place just praying for them to run out of gas or money so we could go home...Poor G Now she is a teenager no longer interested in willfully following my lead.. Wait a minute..when I think about it "G" makes out pretty good bc she scams me from the time we are in the car until we get home.. She gets to eat fast food and junk food impulse buys from the gas station, Dunking Doughnuts and Ice cream from Stewarts and she knows that I will say OK if she asks for something bc that means I can hit one more sale without listening to whining and getting the stank eye..
    "G" though along for the ride really could care less abound my finds..or a fantastic haggle. She doesn't share in the goosebumps or the heart palpitations. HOWEVER she does enjoy the occasional throw down when someone swipes a find of mine and I catch them..(it has happened twice already and we are barely 1month into the season.) She is a trooper when having to squeeze mounds of crap into the Camry, she will hold on to desk hanging out at he back of my trunk for dear life..U know what..Come to think of it.. My kid really is a "G"  granted we don't live in the hood or participate in drive by shootings..the gal is a ride or die has never refused to do anything I have asked (or pleaded) her to help with on a pick
   I am sure years down the road the time will come when my kid will resurrect the trama that I have inflicted by dragging her along junk hunting. Anyways figured I would post some pics taken by my traveling buddie "G", see this is what I am talking about it was about 86 Degrees -I am wearing flip fops yell to G to come take some pics for me to send to West Point Mama and she did it like a professional. I thought she would take just wasn't until I checked my phone the kid got the whole place..all it cost me was an Ice Cream Cone.

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