Thursday, April 12, 2012

I am Who I am..

  The Original title for this post was going to be "Did Judy Gyp Me?" That was until a friend of mine mentioned that I shouldn't use the word Gyp (jipped) because it may be considered a derogatory comment...really? Never in my 30+ years had I ever heard that one of of course just like everything else in my life...Research ensued ...and apparently as per urban dictionary the saying originated from the fact that gypsies would swindle people hence the saying getting "Gyp'd".
     Well Whatever.. I'm just going to put it out there..anything I may say or Verbage I may use is not intentionally to hurt anyone's feelings or cast a derogatory cloud over a group of individuals..this is how I speak..i can't tip toe thru my life worrying about being politically, socially, economically, non-carbon foot print leaving, organic loving correct.I won't live in a bubble..never to speak without fear of offending any and everyone..and in the same respect I take every effort to be as considerate as a gal from th BX (Bronx) Can be.
     Blogging for me is going to be a fun experience..I want any readers who choose to follow to have fun right along with me..LAUGH at the ridiculous that is my life..SHAKE your heads at the messes I ALWAYS get myself in..PRAY for me when I appear mentally unglued, DO THE HAPPY DANCE ALONGSIDE OF ME when I finally get a project right or score a good deal..and I will do the same.
     I am constantly making up new sayings..i give people nick names based on my experiences with them. I change my mind with flow of the wind..I am not excusing my future posts.. I figured it would be a good idea to share a little more about me and my flow. You know what's hysterical...I'm writing this as if I have hundreds of people already reading this...get a grip AnnEliese..LOL

As Always

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