Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guess What I Paid For It...

      Guess How Much I Paid For It..? I am obnoxious like that..i don't realize when I do it that it can rub some people the wrong way, I don't do it to be a jerk or rub it in..no really... I don't .. Dude I just get excited when I score a deal.
      One of my favorite aspects of blogs that I frequent (beside the before and afters) are the thrifty finds. I luv seeing what people find at yard sales, flea markets, roadside, dumpster dove, Craigslist, free cycle..wherever. I like to see what people got rid of..what someone else saw the possibility in, what they bought or rescued with good intentions but turned into a disaster.
     I am just going to come on out now say it.....I Like Knowing What They Paid. I get a rush to see a super score..I actually kinda like "the dang y can't I find a deal like that"..i enjoy the motivation to go out and try and find a deal of my own. I don't mind seeing they got it for free and are selling it for profit.
      Not to long ago I notice one blogger I follow was still showing her "finds" but no longer gives the low down on the $. (She was a super scorer)..Another follower actually left a comment about that very detail. ( I never would have the cahonies to ask lol) The Bloggers response was in a nutshell that since she had expanded her hobby into a business and linked her after projects for sale and as a result received  ALOT of Hater type comments regarding her "selling price" for her bargain finds. So because of that she would no longer share her score price.. C'Mon.. Really.???. I felt bad for this girl.. She developed a great following..always courteous and kind and encouraging to her subscribers her success with her blog helped her sell her finds and someone would knock her for it???
    It is FREE ENTERPRISE for a reason. 1st of all for those of us who work full time... Think about how much your hourly wage works out to be..then think about the total time spent.. trolling yard sales flea markets craigslist.org, get your project home, the hours spent cleaning, gluing, sanding modge podging painting the $ spent on supplies and the time sitting on the project until it sells..When you take all of those factors into consideration are you really making $..sometimes but most time you are making just enough $ to supplement your hobby of refinishing trash to treasure...
     I know this much..If I have a score I'm sharing it..

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